AidElderly desires to provide aid to old age and widow homes with the main objective of providing succour and care for the old and widows. AidElderly seeks to provide comfortable, clean and hygienic boarding and lodging facilities with nursing and medical care. It’s an experiment in community living where every member is made to feel at home without the impersonal atmosphere of an old age and widow home. AidElderly seeks and supports purpose-built care homes offering elderly/ widow residential, nursing and geriatric care. We encourage creating a friendly, caring and family like atmosphere for the elderly people, where they can share their joys and sorrows and live happily ever after.



Vision: A society where elders are healthy, happy, empowered and socially integrated as part of our communities.

Mission: To enhance the quality of life of elders, comprehensive geriatric care with special focus on dementia and active ageing, combating elder abuse, skill development, economic empowerment, public education, advocacy and capacity-building programs.

How to Volunteer to Help the Elderly

Locating Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Speak with local authorities. Your community likely has elderly individuals who could use things such as a simple conversation, purchasing them groceries, or taking them to doctors’ appointment.
  • Join a group or organization. In addition to local authorities, there are many private organizations that also provide services to the elderly. These often need volunteers to help with the elderly in your community and beyond.
  • Work at a local senior living community. Your local area probably has senior living communities such as assisted living and nursing facilities. These are also great places to volunteer your time to help the elderly.
  • Donate money to an elderly cause. You may not be able to give much time to volunteering but still want to help the elderly. An excellent way to do this is to donate money to an organization that helps seniors.

Offering Services on Your Own

  • Visit with the elderly. You may not want to go through formalized volunteering. Instead, you can volunteer to help those elderly individuals you know. Many elderly people experience loneliness or simply want to share their experiences in life. Taking some time to visit with an elderly family member, friend, or neighbour is a great way to volunteer to help the elderly
  •  Bring meals. Many older adults do not get proper nutrition and develop malnutrition. One way to cheer up your elderly loved ones, friends, and neighbour’s is to cook them a meal or meals that they can enjoy.
  •  Help around the house. Many seniors continue to live at home as they age. They may need a handyman to help with things around the house. This gives you the opportunity to not only volunteer to help the person but may also provide some welcome company. 
  • Drive the elderly to needed places. Some seniors no longer can drive. Volunteering to drive an elderly individual to appointments, shopping, or just to take in local sites can help them get much needed services, leave the house, and have a bit of company and enjoyment

Organizing Events and Activities

  • Host a senior exercise event. Activity can help the elderly stay or get healthy. Different types of physical activities, including walking and swimming, can help the elderly maintain their health or even heal more quickly. Organizing an event for the elderly that focuses on physical activity can not only benefit their health and well-being but may also introduce them to new people.
  • Throw a community-wide holiday bash.Holidays can be an especially difficult time for many elderly persons. They may feel especially lonely. Look into using a local facilityto throw a festive holiday bash that anyone in your community can attend.


The elders require special attention, treatment at home, this video would advise some of the standard tips that one should advocate to take care of elders at home. 5 Tips for caring of aging parents – Dr. Udaya Kumar Maiya